He has a name

Ravi Glenn Griffiths is the name we ask you to pray for as soon as you finish reading this post and everyday moving forward. We ask that you would pray for his growth and development if he is still in his mother’s womb in eastern India near Kolkata, or if he is born and lying in a small crib in an orphanage in northern India near New Delhi. Wherever in the vast country of India he might be – please pray for his protection and care and that we would be able to go to him and bring him home soon.  

Ravi has been given his first name in honor of Ravi Zacharias, the Indian born Christian scholar and apologist. I have fond memories of hearing Ravi Zacharias play over the local Christian radio station while my father drove listening intently. As I have grown older I have often turned to Ravi Zacharias for a better understanding on difficult faith subjects. In addition to his books there are countless youtube videos of his lectures, discussions, and debates with apologists of other religions and beliefs. His calm demeanor and clarity of thought is something I have always admired. It is my prayer that like Ravi Zacharias, our son Ravi would have a strong faith in Christ Jesus along with clarity of thought grounded in Scripture.

Ravi Glenn Griffiths has been given his second name in honor of my father – Glenn Charles Griffiths. My father is without doubt my greatest Spiritual mentor. He lives out his faith daily and his relationship with God is the same relationship that I pray Ravi would have and develop from an early age. Although Ravi may never know his biological father as I have known mine – it is my desire that I would be able to help Ravi know his Heavenly Father and realize that we are his brothers and sisters in Christ.

I hope you remain as excited as we are as we continue to wait on God’s timing for us to bring Ravi Glenn Griffiths home. Be sure to subscribe so you are notified when new updates are posted.  

We love you and covet your prayers for Ravi.

If you feel led to donate financially please visit the “mystory” page below to learn how you can partner with us in adopting our son.



2 thoughts on “He has a name

  1. Praying for Ravi! Praying for God’s hand to be in His perfect timing and with protection and grace! Praying for your family unit and for your unity.


  2. Praying for Ravi! Praying for God’s hand to be in His perfect timing and with protection and grace! Praying for your family unit and for your unity.


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