March 7th

We finally have a court date! That said, there are many unknowns ahead of us – Is this our first hearing? How many court hearings will we have? How long will the court process take?

What we know-

  • Our case will be presented to a judge in India on March 7th.
  • An advocate from the orphanage will be there on our behalf.
  • We are waiting for the judge to give us his verbal consent to our adoption of Ravi. The next step is the written court order. These two steps are not typically done at the same court hearing.

How you can pray –

  • Pray that all parties, the judge and our advocate, would be present for court that day.
  • Pray that our judge would have a heart for orphans and for international adoption.
  • Pray that the judge does not see a need for additional information from us.
  • Pray that our judge would give verbal orders during this hearing. Even more boldly, pray that our judge would give verbals and writtens at the same time!

We have been told that it could take several days or even several weeks before we find out the results of this hearing. We will update as soon as we receive more information.  Thank you for your continued prayers for us and for Ravi.

1 thought on “March 7th

  1. We will pray boldly, Lyndsie!!!! Love, Aunt Judy


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