An Unexpected Challenge

While I was hoping my next update would be all about the details of Ravi’s Gotcha Day and finally getting to hold him, that is not the case.  We have quickly had to switch from joy and excitement to survival mode. Our sweet Ravi has been admitted to the ICU at a hospital in Delhi. 

On Monday when we got back to the hotel after picking him up, we noticed Ravi wanting to sleep more than be awake. At first this didn’t overly concern us as this is common for kids who have been institutionalized and are dealing with the trauma of change and leaving their home. But on Tuesday afternoon he began to vomit and spiked a fever. We continuously tried giving him calories and fluids but he could not keep anything down. After conferring with a doctor at the international adoption clinic in Birmingham, we decided to still travel as planned on Wednesday to Delhi. Delhi is the capital and the medical care is superior to where we were in Kolkata. Upon arriving to Delhi we could tell his condition was worsening. We met our guide and went to a nearby medical clinic hoping they could help us but after just a few minutes they were clear his needs exceeded their capabilities and we needed to go to the nearest major hospital. 

After a whirlwind of events….we arrived, Ravi was admitted, and the doctors administered fluids and ran blood tests. 

Carl is with Ravi at the hospital and spent the night with him while I had to stay at the hotel. Only one parent can accompany each child in the NICU. 

This morning Ravi’s sugars are still low but he has had milk and kept it down. His lab work finally came back and is encouraging. Nothing overly concerning was found. We are hopeful that the seizures were from severe dehydration and unbalanced electrolytes due to the constant vomiting and inability to keep anything down. Just to be safe the doctors will do some scans to rule out any other cause for the seizures. 

We do not know what caused the vomiting and fever in the first place and we may never find out. Ravi will be kept in the ICU again tonight for more tests and to monitor him a bit longer. The doctors we have conferred with here in the US agree with the analysis of the lab results and the decisions the doctors in Delhi have made. 

Our appointments for tomorrow have had to be rescheduled. We cannot leave the country until these appointments are complete so it’s important we get them rescheduled quickly. 

While the last 48 hours have been scary and trying we have much to be thankful for. 

  • Ravi has been content with both myself and Carl and he desires to be held by us. This is not always the case in these situations. This would have been so much harder if only one of us could hold him. 
  • A doctor that speaks English well and is kind 
  • A guide that has been able to translate for us, especially in high stress moments. She has helped push things along 
  • A hospital that will work with us even though we are foreigners 
  • Doctors in the US that have consulted with us about test results even though it’s the middle of the night for them 
  • The love and support that we have received from so many of you 
  • Masala tea. This has helped settle our tired and anxious tummies 

Thank you for continuing to pray. We are so grateful for your love and support. Ravi is so well loved. 

3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Challenge

  1. We are praying for you. Thank you for sharing these specifics so we can pray fervently for his health and your travel situation.


  2. Praying for sweet Ravi and for both of you! So inspiring Lyndsie.


  3. Prayers Hugs and Love Ravi….and continued prayers to both of you hoping he is feeling better really soon and you can all be back home together ❤


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