Market Stories

We have seen steady improvement in Ravi’s health over the last 48 hours. He is continuing to try new foods. He started out eating only bananas and milk. Two days ago he added yogurt. And yesterday he added a little oatmeal and a few cookies. He is still very sleepy and lacks energy, but his times of play are increasing little by little each day. While we would like to see his appetite and energy increase faster, we realize that it will take time. We know that Ravi is coping with the loss of his orphanage and caretakers and that can cause many different responses. 

We completed our visa medical appointment yesterday and it was a relatively smooth process. We also had our visa interview at the US Embassy this afternoon. We will pick up Ravi’s visa tomorrow. Our biggest hurdle is our exit permits. Carl’s permit was issued Saturday. Mine has not come through. I have called numerous times without success. I am continuously told it will arrive but it has not. This process is notoriously difficult for families. We are told we cannot travel home Friday without this document. The embassy is not able to help us with this process. Please pray this exit permit document comes quickly.

Because Ravi’s health has improved, we took a couple hours yesterday and the day before to explore Delhi. It is so good to get outside the hotel and have a change of scenery for those short periods of time. The markets here are incredible with spices and fabrics everywhere.

We have also had some very interesting and deep conversations with locals. They are very intrigued with Ravi and our desire to bring him into our family. Yesterday we were invited for tea by two older brothers and their friends in the middle of a major outdoor market called INA in downtown Delhi. We sat inside their shop where they sold fabric for shawls, stoles and saris. We shared pictures of our children and talked about why we desire to have Ravi join our family in spite of his limb differences and in spite of the fact we already have 3 children. We consistently corrected our new friends that we don’t have “three of our own“ children – but “four of our own”…… and their smiles when they realize what we mean. It was a special time we will always remember. 

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