This past Saturday was one of my favorite days – The Hearts of Compassion 5K. Everyone shares a common goal – to care for the orphan. This race gives us an opportunity to connect with other adoptive families and see the faces of children that have come home. The past two years we were a “race family” which means the 5k was a way for us to raise funds for our adoption.  Through Hearts of Compassion we received a matching grant that was instrumental in our fund raising process.  God is using this ministry to bring home many children, including Ravi. Not only did they help us with the financial burden of our adoption, but we are also blessed to call the leaders of this ministry friends. Hearts of Compassion has supported us in many ways and we are so very thankful. 

During our first race in 2019 we were praying for God to let us know who our son would be. During our second race in 2020 we knew who Ravi was and longed to have him home. Little did we know we would be traveling a few weeks later. This year, 2021, Ravi joined us for his first HOC 5K. He kept telling daddy to push the stroller faster. It is another answered prayer and testament to the Lord’s faithfulness. 


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