Process Update #1

Just getting started in this process required so many steps – phone calls, applications, and forms.

We filled out our application November 27, 2018 and received initial acceptance into Lifeline’s India Program the next day.  After this initial acceptance, we had a welcome call with our case worker.  We were given a brief introduction to the India program and also given our manuals and starter kit. We completed Lifeline’s India Starter Kit which consisted of contractual documents, release forms, and disclosure statements. We also completed Application Part C where we listed our references, family history and a list of all the places we have lived.  After this we received official acceptance into the India Program.

The next step was an orientation interview where we spoke with our case worker and another Lifeline employee.  We went over basic family history questions as well as discussed why we decided to adopt and why we chose Lifeline and India specifically.  We then went over the next steps involved in our home study.

Next steps:

  • Our first home study visit is scheduled for January 14 – this consists of a tour of our home along with general questions from our social worker and an explanation of the home study process
  • Our psych evaluation is scheduled for January 18 – this is a mandatory evaluation required by India’s governing body over adoption
  • Carl and I both have to complete the marriage questionnaire Prepare and Enrich. This has to be completed prior to our first home study visit

How you can pray for us:

  • We are a bit overwhelmed by the idea of someone scrutinizing our home.  Pray for peace in this process
  • Pray for a good connection between us and our social worker.  She will be doing our home study, writing the report, and walking through this entire process with us
  • We will be bringing Laelyn to psych evaluation.  Pray that she is content while we are meeting with the Psychologist.



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