This morning at 8 am we arrived at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for our covid testing. After a long two hour wait we finally received our results…


We are officially heading to India Friday. Praise the Lord! Thank you to everyone who has prayed over this test so fervently. 

Now we ask that you pray for the Lord’s protection over our travels. We still have to apply for our quarantine exemption and get that approved. While this is a relatively easy application, it has taken families several tries to receive approval. We also need to make all of our connecting flights from here to India in a timely fashion so we do not fall out of the 72 hour time window that our covid results stay valid. 

As of right now we will depart Jackson Friday afternoon and arrive to Kolkata Sunday evening with several connections in between. Ravi should be in our arms sometime Monday. We will be sure to update here as often as we can while we are in India. 

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow we can’t help but reflect on all our God has done to get us to this point. We are filled with gratitude and joy. What a special Thanksgiving this will be knowing that we will meet our son in just a few days. 

3 thoughts on “Negative

  1. Praying everything goes well.


  2. What wonderful news! We rejoice with you and will now begin to pray as you travel to India and meet Ravi. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you will have! Love, Aunt Judy


  3. God is so good and completely faithful and trustworthy!
    I am so thankful to Him for the way He has met every tiny detail and for the story He is giving you to tell. Please put me
    On the call list with your kids’ are giver while y’all are gone. I’d love to do anything it takes to help. I am
    So proud of and for y’all! Love, Barbara B


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