New Plan

The last four days have been hard. Very hard. We watched our time of departure come and go.  We cancelled all of the appointments and reservations we worked so hard to confirm. And our suitcases still stand packed and ready, staring at us every morning and every evening along the wall of our bedroom. Hardest of all, tomorrow was supposed to be Ravi’s “Gotcha Day.” 

So we continue to cry tears of sorrow, and at times we question why our Father said “no” to all of our plans. We simply don’t understand. But then we remember our God is good and that He loves Ravi and has a glorious plan for him. So although we are tired and emotionally drained, we continue to wait expectantly for God to make a way for us to India.  

We spent the better part of yesterday talking with a doctor and our agency about our last Covid tests and when they would recommend retesting. Our numbers were very low so they have suggested we try again next week. Our current plan is to retest on Wednesday the 25th. If our tests are negative we will depart for India on Friday the 27th so we stay within the required 72 hour timeline. We ask you to pray over this new plan.

We are forever grateful for the way you have supported and encouraged us over the past two years. But especially over the past four days. Your prayers, hugs, phone calls, text messages, and words of encouragement in this difficult time was needed more than ever.  We felt the love of our Father through His Church, the body of believers. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “New Plan

  1. Y’all have been on my heart so much these last few days! I know y’all are tired! Praying you feel rested and secure in knowing that God has a better plan for y’all & Ravi! I can’t wait to see how God is going to answer your prayers!! Ginger

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  2. We continue to pray for your new test results and God willing, another planned trip to India very soon! It’s exciting to share your adventure with you !!! We love you! Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Doug


  3. Dear Carl and Lyndsie, The dates of this new plan are now on our calendar and we will be praying. We have been praying for you this week, trusting and believing that God’s good and perfect will is being worked out for you. We look forward to the updates you will send and love you very much. Aunt Judy and Uncle Tony


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